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Following the Egyptian, American and British education systems, Kaumeya Language School believes that a student should be educated in an atmosphere that strongly nurtures education, within an environment that supports and encourages the understanding and appreciation of their own and other cultures.


Throughout the curriculum, we believe that a complete education requires not only a strong academic program but also a committed approach to education of the whole person including social, intellectual, emotional, aesthetic and physical development. Through this approach the school strives to teach students to think critically and acquire the learning skills, self-confidence, and self-discipline necessary to develop enquiring minds and to be a life-long learner in an increasingly complex and interdependent world. The result is that students will attain a positive self-esteem and realistic perception of their personal capabilities.


Kaumeya Language School supports its academic goals through a comprehensive international curriculum, where all students follow a prescribed course of studies. History, geography and literature are taught from a world perspective and all students are required to work towards a full command of at least one language in addition to English.


Kaumeya Language School seeks to maintain a diverse community of students, faculty, and administrators. Staffing decisions, admissions policies and the financial aid programs are important components in maintaining a balanced multi-national and multi-cultural environment within the school. Through such a healthy and open learning milieu, it is our aim that both students and graduates of the school will be able to achieve their goals that will continue to reflect upon the philosophy of the school.


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